Introducing the Write Weight™...

​The Write Weight™ is a weighted cylinder that slips on the top of most pens. It is a training tool that allows students to strengthen the hand and arm muscles associated with writing, to prevent the experience of Writer Fatigue during exams.


Digital Transformation has seen many students undertake exam preparation online, although examinations still require hand-written responses.


Thousands of students are losing the ability to produce neat answers of sufficient length due to Write Fatigue, detrimentally affecting their results.

Join the current students who regularly apply the Write Weight™ during their study, and you too can improve your ability to write extended responses.


The Write Weight™ was created BY STUDENTS, FOR STUDENTS.


Give yourself the biggest advantage and use a Write Weight™ while you study to exceed your full potential!

The cost is only $11.00 per unit, including GST plus $8.50 shipping anywhere in Australia for orders up to 6 units.


For orders over 6 units, freight charges are to be advised.