All Pink Write Weight Orders Are On Sale Now - For A Limited Time Only!



We love these Write Weights as they were developed by Australian students and are an affordable resource to assist a range of people. The cylinder can be slipped on and off pens so they are resusable which is a nice advantage over the older style weighted pens that are on the market.

My Diffability

The Write Weights are sold when people come in looking for weights for pencils and pens for children with handwriting problems, poor muscle tone, poor proprioception or poor fine motor...  
It is a big advantage that they can fit on thick pencils.  It is definitely a plus over other products that often are only designed for thinner stemmed pencils and pens.

Starfish Education Centre

The Write Weight has been amazing for me so far, just two weeks of exams and I've noticed a big difference already which is great.


Not only has the Write Weight improved my writing speed but also my handwriting, and has decreased me stressing about hand cramps in exams. I'm absolutely in love with it and I am confident in my ability to write as much as possible in the HSC.


"A Unique Piece Of Writing Technology"

The Sydney Morning Herald

"Living In A Digital Age Means Many People Struggle With Writing"

The Leader

"The First Such Idea To Solve Writer Fatigue"

The Sydney Morning Herald